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With so many great whisperers now hosting their own YouTube channels it can be tough keeping up with them all. Here you’ll find links to the best whisper video channles on YouTube.



Whisperinglife is the original whisperer and the catalyst for thousands of whisper videos and millions of relaxed individuals across the world. She first began posting videos in March 2009 and since then has produced over 100 whisper videos. If there was ever a goddess-like creator of the whisper community the WhisperingLife is certainly it.



TheWhisperingVoice is one of the longest serving whisperers on YouTube and currently has a huge following. Their videos are as diverse as they are numerous, which is what makes them one of the most respected members of the community. Having been active since July 2009, they have since amassed over 2000 channel subscribers and continue to produce high quality videos on a daily basis.



Wanderingwhisper is one of the many female whisperers in the community and has been actively producing whisper videos since August 2009. With well over 2000 subscribers they continue to attract a wealth of support from listeners across the world. Wanderingwhisper is also one of a growing number of whisperers who’ve chosen to show their faces, as well as produce other varied videos such as her singing.



Laurenwhispers became an active video producer in October 2010 she has already built up a steady following with over 4000 channel views. Her desire to become a whisperer stems from countless hours of watching other videos, something that makes her a perfect new addition to the whisper community.



DecayingWhispers has been producing videos since December 2009 and is another whisperer who has decided to show their face. The diverse collection of whispers has made DecayingWhispers’ channel a popular destination for whisper fans. Indeed, her top rated “live” whisper video is a great example of how the genre has evolved in recent times.



Another Long serving member of the community, DanishVlog has produced some of the most popular whisper videos on YouTube and continues to produce high quality material to this day. Their blog style videos have inspired many whisperers to adopt a similar style, something that has diversified the community over the past year.



serenewhispers has recently had her YouTube channel made into a partner page, which one can only achieve when they reach a certain level of popularity. With over 115 videos and more than 550 subscribers to date there is little doubt that becoming a partner is well deserved. Indeed, what makes this even more impressive is that she has only been a member since September 2010. Her rise in popularity is a testament to her high quality videos and something that certainly makes her stand out in the community.



One of the newest whisperers on the scene, LooneyLimeyWhisper66 is a charming English whisper with a penchant for drawings. An accomplished actor, they’ve produced some excellent material in the short time they’ve been active in the community. Their clarity and expressive intonation make them ideal for the genre, moreover, their unrivalled zest for the making whisper videos means they look set to become a firm favourite with fans across the world.



One of the many non-English speaking whisperers, Swisswhispers is a true polyglot who has produced whisper videos in both English and German. One of the quieter whisperers in the community she has the perfect voice to gently lull you into a deep relaxing sleep.


  • Relaxingwhispers said:

    These are indeed some good whisperes! Nice list :)

  • swisswhispers said:

    Thank you so much for the shoutout and the kind words. Really sweet of you!

  • WhisperingLife said:

    This is such a lovely website, thank you so much for this :)

  • Sheets said:

    Wondering whisper I was just wondering if you would make an hour long video for me so I could listen to the whole thing, try to make your s’s sound as well it is so relaxing for me!!! I have very bad insomnia and u do help but 10 or fifteen min. just isn’t long enough.. I know your busy but if u could make time it would be great! Also I know u luv playing your ps3 as well as I,,, maybe u should make a whisper videoing the game with your mouth really close to the mic! that would be amazing. ty.. Jason

  • Sydney said:

    All of these whisperers are amazing, but I have to say that WhisperFlower deserves to be on here. Her Russian whispers are some of the best whisper material I’ve heard on YouTube so far.

  • Lee Simpson said:

    Hi guys,

    A budding whisperer here. My videos range from opinionated soft talking to typing and eating sounds. I know what I like to hear and hopefully have done a good job recreating it for you guys.

    Check out my you tube channel LSX2000 or my main tag, Warm Whispers.

    Lets melt together


  • Whisper Listener said:

    Good list, but I can’t believe you left out the greatest of them all, WhisperCrystal!

    Now go and fix this silly mistake!

    Have a nice day

  • mssoftwhispers said:

    Could you feature me? Mssoftwhispers (:

  • John Belmont said:

    Thewhisperingvoice’s channel is my all time favourite. The varied subject matter, the consistency of beginnings :o), the fantastic Welsh accent and the excellent sound quality this man’s videos are wonderful. He seems like a very unassuming, modest person and he cooks food in the woods. Keep it up and thank you!

  • SleepySae said:

    SavannahsVoice is a great whisperer indeed! Can’t believe she’s not mentioned.

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