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Thewhisperingvoice and a bit of Bob Ross

As the whispering community continues to grow it’s always nice to get requests from people wanting to see more of their favourite whisperer. After receiving an email from whisper fan Mephisto, we are delighted to share with you an mp3 collection of thewhisperingvoice’s entire catalogue of videos. All of the hard work has been done by Mephisto and we at whispervideos.com would like to thank them for their efforts and we hope that everyone gets as much pleasure out of them as we have.
To upload the entire bundle in the …

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After taking some time to relax over the Christmas period we’ve managed to get through the January blues without too much stress. It’s been a while since we posted any new material but that’s all set to change as we’ve just added a host of new whisper mp3s, as well as a new featured whisperer to our directory.
Indeed, it seems the whisper community is really starting to appreciate the mp3 downloads available on this site, with two whisperers already taking it upon themselves to produce there own mp3 versions of …

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Each whisperer has their own distinct style, their own soothing tone that makes them unique. Indeed, this is probably the reason why there are so many fantastic whisperers from around the world. One nation stands out at the moment, however, and that nation is Wales. Thewhisperingvoice and TheDeafeningWhisper both come from Wales and are by far two of the most popular whisperers on the internet. The Welsh accent is famed the world over for its soothing quality and this definitely shines through in their whisper videos.
Could Wales lay claim …

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Anyone who loves relaxing to a whisper video cannot help but enjoy the immensely soothing voice of Lita. In this massage video she demonstrates the techniques behind a truly sensual experience. Even though you’re not fortunate enough to be the ones receiving a massage, you can gain just as much pleasure by listening to Lita’s wonderful voice.

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Here is a great whisper video from YouTube Whisperer: WhisperCrystal. Its purpose is to help you fall into the land of slumber. This video has had nearly 6,000 views and has been well received by the YouTube whispering  community.
WhisperCrystal has the following to say on her YouTube Channel: “I will always be a dreamer and a romantic who is full of everlasting hope. I like to play the Pollyanna game even at the bleakest and darkest of moments. Life is more beautiful if you smile :)”

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“Goodness speaks in a whisper, evil shouts.” - Tibetan Proverb

The modern world is an electronically charged superhighway of impulses, urges and relentless pressure from all sides. Keeping pace with every facet of life is difficult and if you’re not careful you can quickly burn yourself out. Taking some time to realx and unwind is essential and the key to experiences the best of evreything the world has to offer.
Whispers are the perfect antidote to the chaos of modernity. Indeed, even today the age old Tibetan proverb still holds true. Whispers contain …